MAK Hoists Inc. (“MAK”) is your premier choice for construction hoist elevator rental in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, Canada. MAK offers sales, rental, service, and installation of construction hoists, mast climbing equipment and permanent industrial elevators.

MAK’s experience, exemplary safety record and proficient industry knowledge make it the most trusted supplier of construction hoisting equipment in Western Canada. We are committed to providing your vertical transportation solutions in a safe and professional manner.

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What is a construction hoist, or as it is sometimes called, a construction elevator?

A construction hoist, or a hoist for short, is an elevator that lifts and moves men and materials on constructions sites. Construction hoists are often used to move heavy loads and manpower from one floor to another in the construction or renovation phase of large buildings, such as office towers, stadiums and hotels. These hoists are also utilized for commercial applications such as bridges, mining, refineries and damns. Construction elevators are designed for vertical transportation of construction materials and serve as an efficient distributor of manpower.

What are the steps involved in construction hoist rental?

Step 1:  Determine the number of floors of the project, and capacity and speed required for the man and material hoist rental. MAK will ensure that you are provided with the correct size and payload capacity to meet all the safety requirements required by elevator code.

Step 2: Provide an estimate of desired installation date and the expected duration of the construction hoist elevator rental to confirm availability of appropriate equipment.

Step 3: Enter into our construction hoist rental agreement and commence with engineered drawings for government application and approval.


Renting a construction hoist is an excellent way to efficiently move men and material and can be invaluable in certain commercial and industrial applications. We are committed to providing an excellent customer experience for your man and material hoist rental – from initial contact all the way through installation, training, maintenance and service.

Do not put safety at risk by using equipment that is not designed for the load it will be carrying or by using equipment that is not in good condition. MAK provides installation by personnel who are trained and qualified in the elevator trade ensuring that safety comes first – both on the installation and for the end user. Renting construction elevators through MAK will protect your employees, your reputation and your bottom line.


Mak Hoists has been involved in hundreds of high-rise construction projects throughout Western Canada. Here are a few of our recent projects.